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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

No card but a little tip

Good evening... AND HAPPY EASTER!!! hope you all had a fantastic easter for those who celebrate this time of year :0)

I dont have a card today but a little tip....

I have been busily working on the cards for the kids school fete stall, and have been using my cricut quiet a lot as it is more cost effective than stickers. I found that the stickiness of the mat was lost really quick, and the mats are so expensive to replace.... so I went and bought a spray can of Helmar's spray adhesive...it is repositional and requires only a light spray on your mat and your good to go in a couple of minutes! it costs about $10 in oz at Riot, but I'm sure you could get it at any craft store (artists use it to hold their drawing paper in place....it is acid free and non yellowing too so safe for scrapbooking :0)

Just thought I'd share that bit of (perhaps useless) information

Stay safe XOX Tania

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