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Thursday, September 13, 2012

No Prize :0(

I was just looking back on my old posts and came across a facebook challenge I entered and won. I "won" this prize as a facebook competition way back in February.  and I was so excited.  I placed an order that same day, specifically not ordering red flowers as I'd hoped I would receive my prize.  My order came, but not my prize. Unfortunately, after many emails with no response, I am still yet to recieve my prize.  It saddens me as I spend so much money at Wild Orchid Crafts and their customer service for paying customers is best- next to none. I dont like to complain, as it is, after al,l something free, but I wonder if anyone else has had such an experience with other challenges??? I figure, if you cant come good on the prize, dont offer a competition... am I being too hard???


  1. I feel your pain my blogland friend... I too have experienced no responses from WOC when trying to get a question answered. I also spend alot ($85) a month with them. I could understand if they said it was to long ago to claim the prize, but at least answer, right?


    1. Thats right Rina, I wouldn't have cared if they said they sent it and it must've got lost in the post- and they couldn't afford to resend, but when they do not respond, suggests it was never sent to start with. I even messaged them when I won saying I would pay the international shipping cost- just add it to my order I was placing- NO response :0(