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Monday, October 3, 2011

hat pins

Hi There again! (lots of posts from me today sorry!) thought I'd show you some of my hat pins I've been making and selling on ebay.  They are very sparkley and are adorable on cards.  Many may be wondering what I used to glue them...I tried the various types of bead glues and found they held them for a little while, but I couldn't be sure they would stand the test of time.  Hot glue on the ends looked aweful...so I actually use hot glue, but I glue the tinest amount between the end and 2nd from the end end bead (eg for the first pin glue between the silver bead and the purple glass bead- try and put your glue as close to the glass bead as you can)....then I get my heat gun tool and heat the hot glue to remelt it, as it is melting I push the end bead up to the next bead- the hot glue goes down the centre hole- some glue may be left on the beads- I just etch that off with my blade knife.  

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