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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tutorial for acetate favor / flower storage box

Good morning! Happy weekend....and I am actually having a REAL weekend off YAY!! (I shift work, so normally work most weekends and have weekdays off).  any who, I thought I'd share a little tutorial on an acetate box I make to store my flowers in.  You could also use them for wedding/engagement favors or kids lolly boxes.  I have done the tutorial in red paper so you can see what I am doing better, but down the end I pictured my acetate box version. An A4 piece of card will make a 9cm box. you will end up with two parts of a box which glue together like linking two "U" shapes together.
 Ok, so start with an A4 piece of acetate/card (perhaps you can try it out with a piece of cardstock cheaper than acetate).  On your long side, score at 9cm, 18cm and 27cm....you will have a section about 1.5cm left for the tag that folds into the box.  Turn your cardstock around and score at 1cm, 10cm, 11cm, and 20cm.  Your score lines will not only provide your creases for your box but will act as cutting guides. 

  I have marked two dots that will be your lid flap that will tuck into the box.  you need to cut up to those dots from both ends using the first score line as a guide.  Now you want to "soften" the flap by cutting about 10 degrees into the flap like below:


 this is what you will end up with:

you will now have 3x 9cm sections and your flap.  On the first line down you are going to cut across to your second 9cm box, cutting up the small flap to "soften" the edges, do this to the other side of the section, then cut straight across up to the flap like so doing the same to the opposite side of the 9cm section:


that part of the box is now complete.  With your second part of the box, "soften" each of the sections so when you fold them in, they glue nice and easy.  You will end up with this:


 These are the two parts you will end up with: 

I use double sided tape to glue my box together, but you can use any adhesive.  The picture below show's the flaps to glue..... Note, do not glue the section marked "flaps"....these are what fold over in the top of the box to help hold the lid down.  the lid is the top left hand section, the base is the right hand section. The front of the box is the middle square of the bottom piece.   It glues together like two "u" shapes

this is the finished product:

hope it makes sense, would be much better for me to video it, but that is WAY to technical for me LOL!


  1. Oooh I think I need me one of these scor pals! Thanks for the tips! :)

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