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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

tutorial embossing shims designed by me!!! avail on ebay

Hi Guys, this evening I thought I'd show you my embossing shims I sell on ebay. I have spent hours perfectly these- getting the right recipe - thickness, shape etc. Below is a picture of embossing with a cuttlebug folder as I normally would- I have a sizzix so I will go through how I do it......
this is the result: the bottom embossing was my normal embossing, the top one is with the rubber shim!!! you can put these thin shims (1,2 or 3 all together) and emboss a portion of an A5 folder down the side or middle so you can stamp on the other side

Set up your folder as normal with paper inside. Place rubber shim over the folder- making sure shim is central and not touching sides. Set up your machine as you would if you were embossing as usual.

remove the bottom clear cutting pad leaving the top clear one over the folder which has the rubber sitting on top of it.

this is a front view. you can seethe platform; tab 1; the embossing folder with paper sandwiched in it; the rubber shim and the clear cutting pad. Run through your machine as normal.

This is my shim to make borders. It leaves a flat centre to stamp etc. you set it up exactly the way...Tab 1, embossing folder, rubber shim...then the clear cutting pad as shown below

ready to roll!!!

this is the end result---i have scored the inside frame with my scorpal, but you could put a line of crystals or ribbon to finish it off. thanks for stopping by xox Tania xox

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  1. looks great!!
    will definately purchase a set from you!!
    Cheers for the tutorial!!